Zuluru for Dodgeball

Posted by Administrator on Wed, Sep 05 2012 02:16:00

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new GTA Sports website, built on Joomla and Zuluru. GTA Sports currently offers dodgeball in the Greater Toronto Area, and is looking to expand to other sports in the future. This is the first live test of Zuluru's multi-sport capabilities.


Posted by Administrator on Wed, Jul 18 2012 20:13:00

Zuluru can now handle newsletters, sent to dynamic mailing lists (e.g. "all men over 33 that didn't register for Masters league"). Communicating with members just got easier!

Zuluru in Niagara

Posted by Administrator on Wed, Apr 04 2012 03:30:00

We are pleased to announce that Niagara Ultimate (formerly St. Catharines Ultimate Frisbee League) has launched their brand-new website, built on Joomla and Zuluru, for their spring and summer leagues.

User Guides

Posted by Administrator on Thu, Mar 08 2012 08:29:00

A set of user guides have been added, covering tasks common to new users, advanced users, captains, coordinators and administrators. These should help everyone to get the most out of Zuluru!

Multiple sports

Posted by Administrator on Fri, Feb 24 2012 06:44:00

Zuluru is now almost all the way to supporting other sports. The first phase is to support any one team sport; later work will enable organizations to handle multiple sports with a single install.

All of the infrastructure is in place, now just need people that know other sports to work with me to fill in the details. No programming required, just an in-depth knowledge of the sport. I'd like to handle softball, baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, netball, lacrosse, and surely some others I've forgotten. Contact if you'd like to help out.

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