Tennis development?

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Tennis development?

Postby Helene » Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:23 pm

I am looking for an opensource alternative to SportyHQ, which I know through Squash League management, in order to manage the results of friendly tennis tournaments. Would this be a possible development? Thanks
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Re: Tennis development?

Postby GregS » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:35 pm

I've considered this sort of thing, as I believe that the ladder system that Zuluru includes is very much like what squash, tennis, etc. use, and I suppose that it's theoretically possible to manage such a thing. The main catch is that Zuluru is purely "team" based, so you'd have to create a team for each person (or pair, if you're doing doubles), which is a very clunky solution. If you wanted to allow random pairs (i.e. created on-the-fly based on who is there) to be able to play other random pairs and have the results go on the record of all four people, there's no way to even kludge that. There would also be issues around the way tennis is not just a single game but a group of matches (volleyball is currently not well supported for the same reason), people scheduling their own games, a new calculator required to implement whatever algorithm tennis uses, and that sort of thing, though these are easier problems to solve.

So, it's certainly a possible avenue to explore, and it presumably opens it up for things like golf, racing, and other individual sports, but there would be quite a bit of work to happen first. Are you looking for a) a ready-made drop-in option, b) something that you could modify, or c) something that you could pay someone to modify?
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