Public visibility of event schedule

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Public visibility of event schedule

Post by bmichaud »

We have 3 competitive teams where we have published all upcoming events: practices, team meetings, etc. The players and coaches can see the schedule but it seems that parents cannot. Parents are just getting "this team does not have any games scheduled yet" which is true...but we have a lot of other events scheduled!

Is there a way to make event calendars visible to users that are not registered on the team? In other words, make it publicly available?


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Re: Public visibility of event schedule

Post by GregS »

This is outside of what Zuluru was originally designed to do, so there's no ideal solution for this at the moment. The closest I can suggest at the moment is to use the iCal functionality. Looking at it, I see that a team schedule in iCal will include all events, but I feel like maybe I should change that, because most teams might not like the idea that anyone at all can see the details of their practices, parties, etc. Given that I might very well change this soon, I'd recommend that the players on those teams enable the personal iCal feed option (My Profile -> Preferences), then give the URL (found at the bottom of the My Games page) to their parents for use with Google Calendar, iCal, iPhone, Thunderbird, whatever can support the iCal format. This will also include games for any league teams that the player may be on, though; like I said, it's not an ideal solution. I'll see what I can come up with that would improve this situation without opening up privacy issues in the "normal" situation.

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